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5 Things You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening can help give you your white and healthy looking smile back. If you're considering making an appointment for teeth whitening in Melbourne, here is what you should know: 

Teeth whitening should be carried out by a dentist

Visiting your your dentist for teeth whitening makes sure you get the results you want, and it's also the safest option. Teeth whitening is perfectly safe when it’s being carried out by a trained dental practitioner, because your dentist is trained to provide you with whitening products that are safe for you. Your dentist will carefully control the application of the bleach based on the whiteness you seek. In contrast, over-the-counter teeth whitening kits offer no supervision or protection.

Teeth whitening is a simple and pain free procedure

Teeth whitening involves bleaching of your teeth to make them lighter. While a teeth whitening treatment won’t make your teeth brilliant and sparkling white, the procedure can lighten the existing colour of your teeth. The dentist will check that your teeth are healthy and suitable to proceed, but your dentist will also discuss your expectations with you. You should not whiten your teeth if have active cavities or gum disease or exposed root surfaces.

Teeth whitening only works on “real” teeth

Teeth whitening will only whiten your teeth. If you already have crowns, bridges, fillings, or veneers these will remain unchanged. Sometimes these can be changed after treatment and matched to your new brighter smile. Usually it’s only the fillings on your front teeth that needs to be addressed and matched to your new whiter smile.

Teeth whitening can make your teeth sensitive after the procedure

You should expect that your teeth will be sensitive after having a teeth whitening procedure. This is very common and usually only lasts for about 24 hours after you stop the whitening. Everyone is different with how they respond to this hypersensitivity, and your dentist will talk to you about this and address any concerns you might have. The latest products are less likely to cause noticeable sensitivity.

Teeth whitening isn't a permanent solution

A common misconception is that teeth whitening is a once-in-a-lifetime solution, but that isn't the case. Whitening needs to be maintained ,Teeth whitening treatments can provide great results for as long as up to three years. But this varies from person to person. Again speak to your dentist about this and he or she can address any questions you have. Remember if you are a smoker or a frequent red wine, tea or coffee drinker then this can also reduce the time that you teeth remain whiter.

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