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Dentist Tarneit

When looking for a dentist in Tarneit, choose Lentini Dental. Tarneit residents will benefit from our advanced dental procedures and state of the art clinic. Lentini Dental is the best choice for all kinds of dental treatments and procedures. So whether you want a routine check-up or more complex dental restorative surgery, Lentini Dental is the superior choice. We are located just a short drive from Tarneit.

World class doctors in a calming environment

At Lentini Dental, we understand the difference a calm, relaxing clinic can make to the experience our patients enjoy. We are a family-oriented clinic and we know how it can be hard getting children excited about a trip to the dentist. That is why we have taken special care in ensuring our clinic feels inviting and relaxing to our visitors, and have video games and toys for the kids to amuse themselves with.

Lentini Dental’s wide variety of services guarantees we can help all members of the family. We specialise in advanced cosmetic, aesthetics and restorative dental surgery and Dr. Lentini, the founder of our clinic, is a graduate of the University of Melbourne and has constantly striven to keep abreast of the latest technologies in the world of dentistry. In fact all of our dentists are committed to ongoing education so that our patients can benefit from the latest techniques.

From laser teeth whitening to the usage of Cerec Technology, we are the professionals to trust for the people of Tarneit.

What we have on offer

We offer the entire gamut of dental services:

General dentistry: We offer all the family dental needs including tooth cleaning, tooth bonding root canal treatment, extractions and maintenance.

Orthodontics: We understand the seriousness of aligning the teeth and the jaw and take special care in our services regarding this.

Implants: A lot of our elderly patients are choosing to implant teeth instead of getting dentures because of the comfort factor. Our titanium dental implants are very popular.

Cosmetic dentistry: Aesthetics is important and our cosmetic dentists use several techniques to ensure that your smile is as brilliant as possible. From laser teeth whitening to home whitening systems, ask us for more information.

Veneers: High-quality porcelain veneers.

Our list of treatments is extensive so call today for an appointment.

Why choose us

With over 18 years experience, our advanced dental clinic is a great choice for the people of Tarneit for any requirement. Our family-run clinic, well-qualified doctors and a great staff are just some of the reasons why you should come to us.