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Advanced Restorative Services


For more complex dental cases requiring reconstruction or rehabilitation of a broken down dentition, Lentini Dental can plan and complete these cases to individual requirements and budgets. We can minimise the need to visit multiple practices by having the facilities all at one address. Cerec CADCAM technology enables us to perform ceramic restoration services in single appointments, minimising the number of times you are taken away from the more important things in your schedule.

Advanced restorative cases may require a combination of implants, crowns and bridgework. These treatment combinations are typically used in cases with multiple broken down or very heavily filled teeth. The alignment of the bite may be uneven and not aesthetic. We have the ability to diagnose, plan and treat these complex cases.

For advanced restorative services, Lentini Dental is an experienced treatment centre. To find out how Lentini Dental can help you rediscover your smile, Contact Us today.

Why Choose Lentini Dental?

Total Care Plan

Advanced Restorative Services are not something that every cosmetic dentist offers. By providing advanced restorative services all from one place, Lentini Dental provides an attractive.

Cerec Cad Cam Dentistry

In 2003, Dr Lentini commenced using Cerec (Cad Cam) dentistry for all ceramic restoration services, including fillings, inlays, on-lays and crowns. Cerec Restoration services are a digital way of creating restoration more precisely instead of the traditional method in which these would normally be hand-made by a laboratory technician after taking rubber moulds. Ceramic restorations services provide Lentini Dental patients' with highly-aesthetic tooth-coloured inlays, crowns and veneers in a single appointment. Because ceramic is such a strong, resilient material, it is a preferred choice for cosmetic restorations among dentists.

Advanced Dental Implant Surgery

Having completed additional training in Lisbon, Portugal, Lentini's Dental Implant Centre uses Nobel Biocare Implants and is featured as a recognised practitioner for their keyhole surgical technique - NobelGuide. By using NobelGuide's C.T scans to map the bone and other anatomic structures very accurately, very little post-operative pain, swelling or discomfort is experienced by our patients when they chose this procedure.
Dr Lentini's Dental Implant Centre is also certified by the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry and has a broad experience in treating complex cases with bone grafting and Implants Finally, all stages of Dental Implant Surgery, from the placement of the titanium dental implants to the insertion of the implant supported replacement tooth or teeth, are performed by Dr Michael Lentini.

Results will vary. All invasive procedures carry ricks. You should seek a second opinion prior to treatment.

Restorative Dentistry Case Study

View the before and after photos examples of our patients who received restorative dentistry treatment here

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