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What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a process of replacing missing teeth. It can boost your self-esteem, improve your chewing ability and help your oral health. With a dental implant you get a stable and lasting solution that looks and feels like a real tooth.

Functioning as a state-of-the-art Dental Implant Centre, Lentini Dental can replace single teeth or a full set of teeth. Lentini Dental offers a wide range of dental implant services in Melbourne from Titanium Dental Implants to dentures stabilised by implants and advanced dental implant treatments. Where Dental Implant Surgery is required, Lentini Dental has the experience and expertise to offer you complete peace of mind.

To find out how Lentini Dental Implant Surgery can help you rediscover your smile, stabilize your loose dentures or provide Dentures Implants, Contact Us today.

Why choose Lentini Dental?

  • Dr Lentini's Dental Implant Surgery has the experience to recreate dental function and appearance to closely resemble nature.
  • Dr Lentini's Dental Implant Centre is certified by the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry and has a broad experience in treating complex cases with bone grafting and implants.
  • Having completed additional training in Lisbon, Portugal, Dr Lentini uses advanced surgical techniques to replace full arches with the All-on-Four technique or Teeth in a Day. Patients requiring all their teeth removed need not go without teeth when implants are placed in most cases.
  • Dr Lentini is featured as a recognised practitioner in Nobel Biocare's system for their keyhole surgical technique - Nobel Guide. This utilises C.T scans to map the bone and other anatomic structures very accurately in order to make a surgical guide. Thus enabling keyhole surgical techniques resulting in little post-operative pain, swelling or discomfort and allowing patients to return to work almost immediately.
  • All stages of Dental Implant Surgery, including placement of the titanium dental implants and the insertion of the implant supported replacement tooth or teeth are performed by Dr Michael Lentini.

Results will vary. All invasive procedures carry risks. You should seek a second opinion prior to treatment.

Advanced Dental Implant Surgery Treatments

Bone grafting:

A treatment that is most often only available from experienced dental implant centres, Dr Lentini has many years of experience in bone and soft tissue grafting. Soft tissue grafts are used to improve the appearance when the gum is deficient and is frequently required in cases where excessive bone loss has occurred.

'All-on-Four' technique:

Having studied in Lisbon, Portugal, Lentini's Dental Implant Centre uses an advanced dental implant surgery technique for patients expecting to lose all their teeth. The All-on-Four technique, a trademark of Nobel Biocare, enables patients to have dental implants inserted and a provisional bridge fitted for 'same day teeth'.

Dental Implants Case Study

View the before and after photos examples of our patients who received dental implants here

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