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General Dentistry


Lentini Dental is focused on providing high quality general dental treatment. We offer a range of comprehensive general dental care procedures for all ages. As part of our ongoing commitment to our patients, we also have a full time dental hygienist to take care of preventive needs.

General Dentistry procedures Lentini Dental provides include:

  • Cleaning : regular general cleaning by a dental hygienist is necessary to ensure gum health is maintained and for the removal of plaque from hard to reach areas.
  • Fillings : using Cerec Cad Cam technology for computer-generated ceramic fillings. Removing silver amalgam from the practice in 1995, all fillings at Lentini Dental are completed with the cosmetically ideal tooth coloured materials.
  • Bonding : to professionally fill gaps and imperfections of the teeth and to cosmetically enhance the smile.
  • Root Canal treatments : to treat pain and infection in teeth using modern digital diagnostic and treatment aids.
  • Extractions : for routine as well as surgical removal including most wisdom tooth impactions, Lentini Dental takes every care to ensure the smoothest possible procedure.
  • Treatment and maintenance : for the treatment of gum disease and improving the future health of the gums.

Lentini Dental is outfitted with all of the latest equipment and technology including; Diagnodent lasers, Cerec CAD CAM for computer generated ceramic crowns and fillings, intra oral cameras, Intra oral digital x-rays, Digital Panoramic and Digital Tomogram machine, and for early detection cases 'no needle/no drill' air abrasive techniques.

All staff members have been independently trained in infection control procedures so that we take the utmost care in instituting all sterilization techniques used in our practice.

General Dentistry Case Study

View the before and after photos examples of our patients who received general dentistry treatment here.

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