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As a function of Cosmetic Dentistry, Lentini Dental offers extensive Teeth Whitening services. Utilising the most current techniques in Teeth Whitening, a bright white smile is finally within reach. Employing only proven whitening strategies that are time efficient, reliable and convenient, tooth whitening doesn't have to be a hassle.

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Laser Teeth Whitening

For Laser Teeth Whitening in Melbourne, the Lentini Dental Clinic has a versatile solution. Involving the use of whitening gel and Laserbrite activation lights, the treatment is immediate and easy. Performed in the dental chair, Laser Teeth Whitening involves polishing the teeth, applying whitening gel and allowing the Laserbrite activation light to do the rest.

After three applications of eight minutes each under the Laserbrite light, immediate results will be noticeable. From there, customised trays will be constructed and provided to you with take home whitening gel for maintenance. You may decide to do further whitening with this gel at home or use it solely to maintain bright white teeth.

Treatment results will vary.

Home Teeth Whitening

For Home Whitening, customised trays are constructed to be used for 15 minutes daily over a 10-14 day period. Results from home teeth whitening have been outstanding. The added benefit of home teeth whitening is that patients can use it as frequently as they like to get whiter teeth or maintain whiteness. Treatment results will vary.

Teeth Whitening Case Study

View the before and after photos examples of our patients who received teeth whitening treatment here.

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